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I haven't done a Save Vs Splurge post in ages! I thought of this one the other day so I thought I would post it for you.

I wash my make up brushes with my face wash - Tea Tree and Witch Hazel foaming face wash from Boots. I just pump a little into the palm of my hand, swirl my brush around in it and swill it out under the tap, and it works brilliantly! I've not actually used an actual brush cleaner such as Elf's daily brush cleaner as I've always found that my face wash is good enough. Also some from mac and other high end cleaners cost £10+ which I think is a bit ridiculous. Using my face wash instead of brush cleaners also means I get the added effect of having tea tree in it, which makes my brushes smell great and tea tree is also great for combating spots. 

It's also really easy to use as you just pump it out into your hand and gets deep into the brushes. As for as I can see the Elf one is just a spray which isn't great for getting right into the brush where bacteria builds up. It is meant to be a daily cleaner so a spray bottle is good for just a quick clean, but I would definitely advise doing a deep clean at least every fortnight. 

Pricing of brush cleaners vary. For this Elf one it's £3.95 for 60ml (not including p+p), and for higher end ones, Mac is £10 for 235ml. The Boots face wash is only £3.59 for 150ml! It also means you only have to buy one product instead of a separate face wash and brush cleaner. 

You can get the products mentioned here:

So which one would/do you prefer? How do you clean your make up brushes?

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  1. I clean my brushes in fairy liquid. Even cheaper!