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Whilst browsing the beauty section of Poundworld, I found his brand of dry shampoo. I'm usually a big fan of brands like Batiste, but I use dry shampoo so much that I end up spending so much on it! So, what do I make of this star buy?...

'Salon Selectives' has a range of different types of dry shampoo for different types of hair and hair styles, but I chose to go with the 'Refresh & Revitalise' which says it has perfume release technology. It smells amazing! It's sort a fruity, berry smell but not too sweet, my favourite kind of scent! You would have thought that being only £1 the standard of the product wouldn't be up to much, but it's great, definitely up with the likes of Batiste. It keeps my hair fresh all day and eliminates any signs of greasiness in the roots without leaving much white residue behind. Although the packaging design isn't quite as pretty as Batiste, it still does the job amazing well and for only a fraction of the price!
You can buy Salon Selectives dry shampoo from Poundworld.

What's your favourite dry shampoo?

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