Save your pennies #2 - In store savings.


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So this is the second instalment of my 'Save your pennies' series (check out the last post here), looking at different ways to save/earn some money including online, in-store and money off deals. This post is going to be looking at shops on the high street where you may not have thought of finding great bargains, so lets get started!

1. T.K.maxx. This shop has recently become a beauty blogger favourite. As well as selling clothes, it also sells top brand make up and beauty products for SO much less! I've got presents from here including 3 Deborah Lippmann nail polishes, normally about $18 each, for only £5! It has also been known to sell acrylic storage just like Muji from time to time, but you have to keep looking to see if they have any in stock or are selling them at the moment.
Top brands: Revlon, Nails Inc, OPI, Sally Hansen, Essie, Ciatte, Deborah Lippmann Eco tools.

2. Pound Shops. Definitely my favourite! I always go in to check if they've rotated their make-up section. They always have famous brands and products that are either discontinued or only available in america (including wet 'n' wild!). They also all the normal beauty stuff like shampoos and things, so there is loads to choose from. 
Top Brands: Calvin Klein, Collection, Revlon, Rimmel, Wet 'n' Wild, OPI

3. Clearance section. Superdrug and Boots always have a clearance section where most items are half price because they're being discontinued or they have damage. The products can range from any kind of area, including make up, skin care and other items. I always give it a quick glance to see if there is any great steals.

4. Savers. I do love this shop. It sells some really famous brands that have discontinued certain products, which is where I get my most beloved Nip + Fab body butter from! It also has a rimmel stand but all the products are under £5 and they're all the recent products! Would definitely recommend a little look around.

4. ASDA. This is a brilliant place to find top branded skin care items for less. I got my L'Oreal micellar water from there for only £2! It also has the famous NSPA range which is very similar to the natural collection at Boots, except it's always on offer so you hardly ever pay full price and it's relatively cheap anyway!

5. Charity Shops. These are great if you're students and can't always afford to go to the top high street clothes shops. They're also great for utensils and any other bits and pieces you need for the kitchen. I have found bits from topshop and primark, so it's good to have a rummage about.

That's all for today, if I've missed something out you feel would fit in with this post, let me know in the comments!

Hope you found this useful!

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  1. This is such a helpful post, as I'm always look to save a few pennies! I've never looked in TK Maxx for beauty products so I'll make sure I have a look next time I pop in x

  2. TK Maxx is my beauty haven - Tigi for half price, 3 15ml OPI (genuine!) polishes for £9.99 - I may need to avoid for the sake of my purse! Great post, Naomi x

    1. haha same with me! love it so much! Thank you, Jenny! x

  3. I love all of these shops, I think savers is the best at least for all my skincare items :)

    1. savers is definitely the shop for skincare :) x

  4. Hi Naomi, I've tagged you in the #allbloggersgreatandsmall tag on my blog!
    Love Isobel xx

  5. Unfortunately I don't believe everything is great value at TKMaxx and Poundland - Some makeup can be old/battered, and usually you can find the products such as Eco Tools cheaper on ebay. There was a really interesting documentary on channel 4 if you're interested! :) I love scavanging the clearance section at Boots and Superdrug however - you never know what you can find! :)

    Frankie x

    1. I'm personally not too bothered if the packaging is a bit damaged, as long as the product is ok, and if you have a good rummage at the back, you normally find some non-damaged products but I totally understand your point! I am planning on doing a 3rd post about websites where you can get a bargain! :) I'll have a look for that programme!

      Naomi x