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Why, hello there...

I have been sent some amazing goodies by smiggle, a stationary and accessories company based in Australia but are launching in the UK! They asked me to write a post using the products they provided so I thought I would give a guide for organising your blog!

To start off with, I received these lovely headphones which is perfect for me. I hate doing anything in silence, so I always have some music on when I'm writing a post or doing some work. (The music playing is Lauren Aquilina, I STRONGLY suggest that you check her out and pre-order her new EP!)

You'll need some essentials. A note book (this one is NOT from smiggle), a pencil, a ruler, and a rubber. I always write in pencil when doing stuff for my blog because it means I can change things about without it getting too messy or complicated. Also the ruler is to plan out your posts and make timetables.

Can we just appreciate this rubber? So cool!

This is how I plan my posts. I don't always use this method but when I do it's pretty helpful. I simply put the date I'm going to post, the actual post and then tick off whether I need to/have taken pictures for the post and drafted it. pretty simple and keeps everything organised!

This is the way I normally do my posts. I just write down all my post ideas and pick and choose which post I want to write that day. These highlighters from smiggle have come in handy because I can colour co-ordinate which posts need pictures taking and which don't so I always have a post ready (also these highlighters smell SO good!).

Get creative! You don't want blogging to become a chore so make it colourful and creative. I've decorated my notebook with some drawings and header ideas. Design your own illustrations, headers, make up ideas, anything! The ideas are endless (especially with so many colourful pens!).

This is more for if you want to run a blog sale. I'm currently in the process of setting one up, and the key is to write everything down. I've wrote all my items down with the price I'm charging. When it's up and running, I will be writing down all the details of the customer, what they're purchasing, total cost e.c.t. Make sure you do write everything down otherwise something could go wrong and you won't have the necessary information!

This calculator is awesome.

These are all the main lists I have at the moment. It helps me keep track of different things such as how many empties I have so I know when I have enough to write a post e.c.t. Also make a list of generic posts that you can write if you're having writers block, this will come in very handy!

So that's all my tips for organising your blog! A massive thank you to Smiggle for providing me with all these lovely things! If you want to have a look at their stuff, check out their website hereThe first of their UK stores to open is going to be at Westfield Stratford on 20th February. This will be followed by further store launches in Reading, Brighton and Kingston. If you live in any of these cities I would definitely recommend going to the launches, pick up some of their amazing stock!

How do you organise your blog, has this been helpful?

Thanking you,



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  1. Wonderful tips! You've given me some great ideas to get organised :)


  2. I've heard a few things about Smiggle from ex-Aussies, now I'm looking forward to checking them out when I'm next at Westfield. Thanks for the tips too, very helpful.

    1. I would definitely recommend going to the lauch, if you keep up to date with their website, it will let your know of dates and times :) glad you liked it! x

  3. This post is so useful! Side note: I LOVE Lauren Aquilina! Awesome pictures too!

    1. glad you like it! haha she is awesome! and thank you! xx

  4. Love your post! Cute and informative at the same time! I have a little notebook to write down ideas :D