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It's nice here isn't it? Hello hello, new readers. I am Isobel, owner of my own blog, titled isobelxhayes. I am here today on the wonderful Naomi's blog to share with you my wisdom (ahem) of budget drugstore basics that you should all own. Well, that I think you should own. My opinion, obviously, wink wink.

Okay so first up I'm gonna share with you my tips and tricks. At the moment, Boots have offers on on just about every makeup stand. GET YOURSELF DOWN THERE. Maybelline on 3 for 2, £2 off the new Rimmel ScandalEyes Rockin' Curves mascara, buy one get one half price on L'Oreal..etc. How can you pass up these offers? Why pay full price? GO NOW. Yeah, you might be parting with your beloved £'s and pennies, but hey, it's cheaper than waiting then having to pay full price, isn't it? Boo. 

Also, buying the pricier products doesn't at all mean they're any better than the cheaper ones, no way. I know this for a fact. Firstly, there's the new Maybelline Baby Skin. It's amazing, up there with the best primers I've ever owned, and it's a steal at £7.99. You only need to use a tiny-weeny pea sized amount, too, around your nose area, so THAT tube is going to last a lifetime. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it will last a long time. Scout's honour. 

And another amazing Maybelline (I'm obsessed) product is the Baby Lips. When I first heard about them I wasn't so sure, but now I own two and think they're a brilliant invention. Colour and moisture? What more could a girl want? And at the moment, these are on 3 for 2 at Boots. At £2.99, this means you could get 3 of the Baby Lips shades for £5.98! Bargain, I know. Bet you're glad you're reading this post now. Or, you could get ALL 6 (in the UK) shades for £11.96! Okay, maybe a little pricier...but they're going to go off this offer soon and that means full price - £17.94 for all 6. If you buy them now you get a saving of £5.98. So in my eyes, completely worth it. Gosh that maths hurt my brain.

My final drugstore product that I definitely think everyone should own is the Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner. Unfortunately I don't have a photo but here's one taken from the Superdrug website. I'm pleased to announce it looks exactly the same in real life. It's £2.99 from Boots and it's the best eyeliner I've ever owned, and I've owned a range of eyeliners! I love having winged liner and you rarely see me without it. This is so easy to apply, perfect brush and at £2.99...well, need I say more?

So that's drugstore essentials. Go and buy them now. While you still have the chance!

Just a quick thank you to Naomi for having me here on her lovely blog, and thank you to YOU for reading! You can find me here, here, and here
I hope we will meet like this again soon! Have a lovely day/night/evening!

What are your drugstore essentials?

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  1. Lovely post, I've been wanting to try Baby Skin for ages and can't wait to give it a go! x

    1. I haven't actually tried it myself either! definitely one my wishlist! x

      Naomi x