#TheWinterProject - Favourite winter scents.


Why, hello there...

So I'm not a huge fan of candles (or at least I don't have any in my room) so instead I'm just showing you some of my other scented products, so lets get on with it!

1. Avon senses shower gel, warm and fruity - I've had this shower gel for ages and have been saving it for the winter months. It is so nice and it smells so great! Everyone knows I love fruity scents.

2. Body Shop hand cream, Cranberry joy, £4 - I got this the other day using the card I got in the Glamour magazine. It has a sort of odd undertone to it which I can't quite put my finger on, but it still smells great and is perfect for the winter.

3. Original Source scrub, Cranberry and honey, £1.50  - Seems to be a cranberry theme! This stuff smells so good! I love to use it on my legs and arms and it's just a great scrub!

4. Snowman shaped Bath/Shower gel, Candy Canes - This little man sits in my bathroom all year round. He looks so cute! I haven't got round to using it yet, but It does smell just like candy canes or after eights, very christmas appropriate!

5. Yankee Candle, River Valley, 75p (sale) - I got this as I thought it would be a cute little present to add with some other bits for a friend of mine. It smells so fresh, great for the winter!

What's your favourite winter scent?

Thanking you,



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  1. Do you remember where you bought the snowman??

    1. I'm afraid it was a gift from someone so I don't know :(

  2. The scrub sounds so amazing (:

  3. I really want that Snowman, so cute! Fab post :)

  4. I really like yankee candles, xoxo.