Save the blow dry Shower cap | Review.


Why, hello there...

I was sent this shower cap a while a go, sounds like bi of a random product but it's really nice!

Save the Blow dry Shower cap*, £14.95

I've never really used a shower cap before. I always wanted to invest in one for those 2nd day hair days, but I still want a shower. Most shower caps are quite flimsy looking and not very appealing. But this one is genuinely so pretty! It has lots of different pink bows all over it and it's just so cute!

Its special selling point is that it has a special towel lining on the inside, which protects your hair from getting damp. It really does work! They also say that you can turn it inside out for when you put a hair mask on.

(inside out)

The only downside to it I would say, is that because the frill at the bottom is made out of the towel it takes a while to dry off. But other than that it's pretty darn good! It is quite pricey but the quality is brilliant and its just really pretty!

Thanking you,



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  1. Might have to give this a try soon!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. This looks really practical and pretty! :) xxx