October Favourites.


Why, hello there...

I've never done a favourite post because in order to have favourites that aren't always the same, you actually have to buy stuff. But it seems I've done a bit of shopping over the October month but also added a couple of re-discovered products. Lets go!

Accessorize eyeshadow palette.

I got this last year as part of a gift set for christmas which also came with a lip gloss and false eyelashes. I've not really properly worn eye shadow on a day-to-day basis before blogging, but now I'm really getting into it! I don't use the brighter colours in this palette, but the brows and the rose gold pink on the bottom row are so pretty!

St Ives apricot face scrub  /  Baby lips Cherry me  /  Boots Tea tree and Witch hazel Foaming face wash

The St Ives face scrub is soo good! I get really dry skin in the winter and this does the job at making my skin softer and brighter especially in the mornings. 
Baby lips is just really great to give that pop of colour and also moisturises for the winter
I've used this face wash for a while now, but because my skin has been getting really bad recently, it really kept on top of break outs.

Alberto Balsam shampoo Juicy green Apple  /  NYC Liquid concealer  /  W7 Nail Polish 

This shampoo smells AMAZING. And it's only £1 so you can't go wrong! 
I did a post on this concealer. It's so smooth and has a great applicator, and it was only £1 from the pound shop!
This nail polish is so pretty, another bargain from the pound shop! It's perfect  for this time of the year and its just awesome! 

Hope you like this post! What are your October favourites?

Thanking you, 



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  1. I've just used that shampoo and love it, I think I got it for something silly like £1! Such a bargain x


  2. I used to love that shampoo, but after a while it started making my hair greasy so easily :(
    love victoriajanex

  3. I swear Im the only girl in the world left that hasn't bought a Baby Lips!! haha
    Ooh I love St Ives face scrub, you can't go wrong can you!! Fab stuff!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...