Review | St Ives Apricot face scrub.


Why, hello there...

St Ives Apricot face scrub, £1.20

I love this product! I saw another blogger saying they really liked it, so I found a travel size one to try it out. I will definitely be purchasing the full size! I always thought most face scrubs are ok, but didn't have enough 'scrubbing' power. This one has plenty. It has loads of little beads in it so it's great to waken your face up in the morning. It also smells really great, so refreshing and a hint of the apricot, but not too overpowering. Also as a plus, the packaging is really nice, and in ASDA the full size one is only £3!

Have you used St Ives? What face scrub do you use?

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  1. This stuff is lovely, I love it :) xxx


  2. I love this scrub always brings out under the skin spots and really helps!! Xx