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We all need a little beauty pick-me-up from time to time, and a manicure and pedicure always do the trick but getting it professionally done can cost a bomb. I was kindly sent a little package which included some treats for your nails, so I thought I would share with you how I do my nails!

First of all you need to prep your nails. I like to use a hand cream and massage it into to the nails as the cuticles can get very dry. Then shape your nails using a nail file. The max factor nail file* also has a buffer on it which helps get rid of the ridges on your nails and smooths any rough edges made from filing.

Now you want to use a base coat to protect your nails from staining. The one I use if from Make Up Academy which also doubles as a top coat and it's only £1 from Poundland. Time to pick your colour. These Max Factor mini nail polishes* are the perfect size for traveling and have a great range of colours. Cappuccino is a dark grey with a hint of brown which seems to be the in-colour at the moment and is my favourite one of the bunch.

Finally, tidy up edges with either a cotton pad or a small paintbrush and some nail polish remover. This Ambray nail polish remover* does the job great and costs a fraction of some high street brands, Just 79p for 250ml. I like to change my nails quite a lot (when I'm not at work) so having a cheaper alternative is brilliant. You can find it in Poundstretcher stores or online at As you know I''m all about the little savings, and the little savings you make here could amount to having an extra special pamper day out!

What's your favourite beauty pick-me-up?

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*Products were sent to me to be included in a post, the main product to be reviews is the nail polish remover. All opinions are my own. Want your product/company featured on my blog? Email me at

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  1. Definitely some great budget tips, I am rubbish when it comes to saving money on stuff like this and always spend too much out of laziness xx

    Blonde Of Carbs