The Body Shop savings haul.


Why, hello there...

The Body Shop is known not just for being my favourite shop, but for always having a great deal or a sale. I've taken full advantage of these recently and ended up saving so much money, so I thought I would share different offers and ways you can save at The Body Shop.

In my first little trip I took advantage of their 3 for 2 offer across skincare so I picked up my holy grail face wash and a new product to me - blemish night lotion - which as soon as I tried it I loved it! With the 3 for 2 this lot would have cost £12.50 but I also have a Love your body card which - if you didn't know - is The Body Shop's loyalty card. This entitles you to 10% off when you spend £10 or more and you also get a stamp every time you spend £10 or over. So with the 10% off this little lot was only £12.60 instead of £19, which isn't too bad for The Body Shop.

Now, this is where the real deals came in!
Because I'm part of the Love your body scheme I get regular emails about latest deals and exclusive offers. The most recent one was to complete a simple survey and at the end you would get a free 250ml body butter which costs £13! I opted for the Olive one as I already have some fruity ones I need to use up and I think this will be a bit better for dryer skin. 
Next up I used the 3 for 2 offer again to get two tea tree pore minimizers and another bottle of the blemish night cream. Another offer that you can get on the newsletters is either £5 off £15 spend, £10 off £25 spend or £25 off when you spend £50 with specific codes you can use in store and online. Unfortunately these codes can't be used in conjunction with other offers such as the 3 for 2 so plan your offers wisely.
As I said earlier, every time you spend £10 or more you get a stamp on your card. When you reach your 4th stamp you get £5 off. This is where all the offers got a bit confusing and for some reason I needed to add this lipbalm (which was on sale for £1) to my basket to make all the offers valid. But in the end this lot only cost me £11.35 including 3 for 2, £5 off and 10% off, instead of a huge £38.

So I hope you've discovered some ways to save at The Body Shop! They currently have an offer online for 40% off everything including sale items with the code 14671

What have you bought from The Body Shop recently?

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  1. Yay you got some absolute bargains, I keep meaning to pick up a membership card so I must do that. I did the £25 off £50 one and was so happy- might have to order some more with the 40 percent off xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. the card really is worth it! it does cost £5 but I soon make up for that! xx

  2. Hi! I came over from Zoe Lianne's blog! You did very well with these offers! I hardly ever go to the Body Shop now but I've always loved their things!x