Poundworld Big Brand Beauty Haul #2


Why, hello there...

I am always checking it at my local poundworld to see what make up they have in stock. They seem to change it quite often so it's always worth going in to have a look. But on one particular trip they had some AMAZING finds so I thought I would share my finds with you.

Also, I got my first bit of Muji storage! 

Miss Sporty So Clear pressed powder in shade 1 transparent. From what I can see, this is just the old packaging and is still available in boots/superdrug for £2.99. I have way too many powders but this one claims to fight off spots so it's worth a try.

Rimmel Apocalips (Show Off is the french version) in Out of the world. I have seen a few youtubers saying they've found these  in poundworld but I've never been able to find them, so I was really excited to find two of them! This one isn't really my colour so I'm selling it over on my Depop, but a great find nonetheless considering they normally cost £6.49.

Rimmel Kate Salon Pro nail polish in Reggae Splash . I've wanted a sherbet orange nail colour for a while now so when I saw this I couldn't leave it, especially when it's from a top brand like rimmel. These normally retail for £4.49

Rimmel Apocalips (Show Off is the french version) in Galaxy. This is the other apocalips lip lacquer I found which is a colour I definitely prefer and would wear.

Rimmel Lasting finish soft colour blush in Madeira . Again I think this is just old packaging as the ones currently on sale don't come with a brush. It's a teeny bit dark for me at the moment but a little goes along way so I'm sure I can make it work, or I'll just use it in the summer. These retail for £3.99.

Rimmel Lasting finish lipstick in Heather Shimmer. This is such a great nude shade, and isn't as shimmery as the name suggests. It's not a shade I would normally go for but with a gloss over the top I really like it. These retail for £4.99.

Dove invisible dry roll on deodorant. I always get these from poundworld as they're an essential and if I can pay a little bit less for them then that's great! These retail for £2.30

Clearasil rapid action treatment cream. I bought this as I had a few angry spots so hopefully this will work to stop them being so..angry. Considering it normally costs £6.39 this was a pretty good steal!

So in total I could have spent £38.13 when I only spent £8! Not bad if you're asking me! If you want a review of any of these products, just let me know in the comments!

What have you picked up recently?

Thanking you,



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  1. That's quite a discount. I've never thought of looking in Poundland for makeup!
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. It's quite surprising what you can get in poundworld! xx

  2. wow you picked up some really great stuff in the poundstore, i'm always surprised at the bargains they have on offer - great post!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

    1. glad you like it! yeah it's always worth having a look! xx

  3. YAY you got some awesome pieces, I hope they have clearasil in mine xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. thanks! They had quite a few in mine so hopefully they will in yours! xx

  4. I'm often very amazed what I find in Poundworld (or Poundland)- I like to use Ecover washing powder and washing up liquids and I found them in Poundland when I couldn't get them in my local Coop!