What I got for my Birthday!


Why, hello there...

I turned 18! Finally... I've seen a few other people do these sorts of posts and they're normally quite popular. As well as these presents I got money to go towards a new guitar and some other bits. I also got a new laptop about a month ago because my old one was dying right in the middle of exams! DISCLAIMER this is not me trying to brag, I appreciate all the gifts I received and most people enjoy these posts and I hope you do to!

(My parents got me my own linen basket for my room...)

First of all I got a cute little trinket box from my grandma with 18 on the top, I'll probably use this for my spare bracelets. I got 3 mini satsuma Body Shop bits from my aunty which is perfect for when I go away in the holidays. Next up is an Impulse Models own set which includes an impulse spray, models own nail polish in Coral Reef and a 4-way-buffer from a friends (she also got me the Ed Sheeran CD bottom left, which is INCREDIBLE, go by it). Next up is this cute make up bag from M&S which is what the body shop bits came in, which is great because I really need a new make up bag and this one is really sturdy. My cousin made me a loom band bracelet! I've actually wanted one of these and I don't know how to make them so this was really sweet, and its in my favourite set of colours - orange, pink, and green (watermelon colours, I don't know I just like them). I got this really nice bracelet from Accessorize which although it is really pretty, I don't actually wear these kinds of bracelets, but my aunty gave me the gift receipt and said it would be fine is I exchanged it, but I really do like this bracelet!

I then got some stationary stuff - highlighters and notepads - which have owls on them which are my fave! From my mums friend I got a silver key necklace which is great as I don't have many silver pieces. Lastly I got this really nice personalised hanging decoration from a family friend. It's a really nice keep-sake to remember my 18th

This beach towel was also from my aunty, with beach flip flops on them, which will be great for the trips away our family has planned for the summer. My parents also got me my favourite kind of chocolates - pralines, and I have definitely started devouring them already...
Finally I got a duvet set with a map of paris print on it which is really nice as I already have something similar for London.

So that's what I got for my birthday! Again a massive thank you to everyone who gave me presents/money, it's very much appreciated!

Whats on your birthday wishlist?

Thanking you,



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  1. the duvet set with the amp on is gorgeous and that makeup bag is so cute, you're so lucky! Hope you've had a lovely day!:) x


    1. haha indeed i am! I did thank you! xx

  2. Aw wow you got some pretty cool presents, I'm jealous

    hope you had a good birthday xxx


  3. You got some lovely goodies, I hope you had a fantastic day too!

    Frankie x

  4. Looks like you got a lot of goodies! Happy 18th birthday! :)


  5. You received some lovely things, and now you can have your first legal drink in a pub, whooo whooo lol Hope you had a fab day
    Angela xx

  6. Gorgeous gifts! Love the make-up bag and those chocolates look yummy! I should probably start my birthday wishlist as it's in October. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista