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Why, hello there...

A few weeks back I decided to pick up some beauty bits from primark as I've seen so many bloggers give great reviews. I only picked up 2 things and I've been waiting for these things to come to my store for ages! My home store always gets everything last compared to everyone else. Anyway, these are the bits that I got.

P.S Love Lipstick - £1
P.S Love Felt eyeliner pen - £1.50

All the P.S Love range has matte black packaging which is a really nice touch considering how affordable the products are. Both these products have really sturdy packaging and the gold writing has stayed on longer than I though it would, knocking around in my make up bag.

I can officially say this is my new favourite lipstick. I've tried a few cheaper lipstick but this is the best by far. It has no shimmer in it which is perfect for me. The actual formula is really creamy and easy to apply with no streaking. It lasts a few hours so it will need to be topped up during the day, but this isn't really a problem for me. This picture makes it look a bit darker than it is, it's more of a nude shade, like a your-lips-but better colours but with a bit more depth, does that make sense?

Unfortunately I'm not so impressed with this. Although it does apply well it never actually dries. I know, ridiculous. A the end of the day it was all smudged, I'd put some on the back of my hand and after a few hours is was gone. I guess it would be ok for a very thin line above the lashes, but that's about it. It's also a little watery/grey. Compared to my Eyeko one it's much duller and bleeds a little on my skin. I understand for only £1.50 I'm not going to get the best quality, but it doesn't do its job very well at all. Maybe when it dried up a little it will be easier to use, or maybe this one was just a dud.

Lipstick and liner swatches

I will definitely be checking out the other items in the range, I particularly like the look of the eye shadow palettes and I might try their mascara. Although these reviews go from one extreme to another, I think a lot of it is based on personal preference. If there's anything you would like me to try from the P.S Love range let me know in the comments!

What do you think about the new make up range from Primark?

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  1. I've only tried a couple of the P.S love range but they're so good, I really want to try the lipstick!

  2. I love primark beauty I was so surprised considering the price but spot on xx

  3. I forgot to pick some of these up yesterday oops! I really want to try the lippies
    love victoriajanex