The Library of Fragrance | Baby Powder & Thunderstorm review.


Why, hello there...

So recently The Library of Fragrance sent me some samples of their No.1 scents which were nominated for Boots fragrance foundation awards (voting has now closed, winner will be announced on May 14th). Along with a lot of other bloggers, we were involved in helping develop the brand by answering a number of questionnaires so it's great to see this brand really come along and stand out in the huge fragrance industry. 

Not heard about The Library of Fragrance? 'Simple, subtle, singular scents, each day, everywhere'. Their slogan pretty much sums it up. They offer a range of different scents from the normal such as Jasmine or Lavender to more 'interesting' scents such as Play-doh, dirt and sticky toffee pudding! Fruity to foody to fresh to floral. I really wish I could have a sniff of all the fragrances they offer, but there is over 100 of them so I think I would be there for a while, as well as not being able to decide on a favourite. But the ones I've been sent are Baby Powder and Thunderstorm, so lets see how these go.

First off, I'm really impressed with the sample size! 15ml isn't half bad for a sample, half the size of a normal bottle. These are described a cologne spray rather than 'eau de parfum' or 'eau de toilette' meaning there is a smaller percentage of perfume oil in it, perfect if you're sensitive to fragrances or don't like fragrances that are too over-powering. Another reason a cologne is better for these types of fragrances means you can layer the different scents to create your own personal fragrance, which is something the brand prides itself on. 

Now, back to these specific scents. Baby Power smells just like baby powder. Literally the exact same scent! The same for Thunderstorm, it smells just like the aftermath of a downpour with that distinctive scent. I would say thunderstorm is more of a male scent so I've given this to my Dad, but it does smell great; a crisp, distinctive smell. But I've tried Baby Powder and although a cologne spray, it does linger for a while which is really nice. Personally I'm not overly keen on this scent as something to wear on a day to day basis, but in terms of being true to name and longevity it really is great, it's so true the name it's unreal! My mum loves the scent of baby powder so I've given this one to her, but I really want to try some of their other scents, particularly fresh laundry, passion fruit and red poppies. 
One of the best things about these fragrances is that they're so affordable! Only £15 for 30ml! A right bargain compared to some of the designer brands on the market.

You can find The Library of Fragrance cologne sprays in Boots but they only sell a select few. Boots currently have an offer for 2 for £25 on these sprays which is a great deal so go and check them out here.
You can find the full range of scents on the Library of Fragrance web page here. They also have a 'flash sale' page where a few of their scents are only £9.99. Passion fruit is actually one of the scents on that page so I'm definitely considering picking it up!

Have you tried any of the scents from The Library of Fragrance?

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  1. I really like the idea of these but I've not tried one yet, they have such inventive fragrances!

    1. I know! some really unusual but interesting scents! xx