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I've been meaning to do a review of some of the Makeup Gallery products for a while now but I didn't think I had used them long enough to give a proper review until now. I won't be reviewing every single product but if there is one you would like to see a review of, check out my haul post of all the items I bought and leave a comment of the product you would like to see reviewed. 

So, lets see how their Feeling Blush blusher in the shade 01 Soft blush fairs up.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE their packaging. Although a little tricky to open, it just looks so sleek and expensive. The square design of most their products reminds me a bit of Bobbi Browns packaging. I like the fact that the front is also see-through so you can see the product inside, making it easier to pick out the shade you want. Also the writing on the products just makes it look even more professional and expensive, well done Poundland! 

Now onto the actual product. On first swatch, I wasn't sure whether it would work very well as there is a fair amount of fall out and comes across as being very powdery. But using a soft brush has reduced the amount of fall out. Having such a powdery texture for me is a good thing as it means it's quite light and easy to blend. This is the lightest blush they offer, offering a more natural look which is what I look for in a blush. It's not massively pigmented, but just enough to give a flush of colour and it can be built up if you want a stronger colour. 

This has now become my go-to blush, replacing my MUA bon-bon blusher which is also £1. Considering this blusher is only £1 and from Poundland, it's pretty darn good bargain! I would definitely recommend having a gander next time you pass your local Poundland. They have a number of colours in the range so I'm sure you'll find your perfect shade!

Have you tried anything from Makeup Gallery?

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  1. I'd have never considered heading to poundland for makeup! The blush looks lovely :) Jay || PuzzlePieceLife xxx

    1. I normally stick to poundworld as they have more big brands but since this new lauch I'm pretty impressed! Deffo check it out! xx

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  2. I actually saw the collection in store last week but didn't even have a spare penny I was gutted, I will have to check it out this week and get a few bits xx

    1. oh dear! It's deffo worth a look! xx