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I haven't has a guest post on here for quite a while, so I'm very happy to introduce Sara from The Right Hair Styles! For all things hair, her blog is definitely the place to visit! Today she is bringing us a few tips for hair at home, I'm sure you'll all enjoy!

Should you visit a salon to get your hair styled? Is doing your own hair styling at home tough? That’s the only option most ladies have. Only few of them can afford daily salon hair styling, but all of them wish to look their best. Here are few simple rules to help you cope with the DIY hairstyling.

Proper hair care
It doesn’t really matter who styles your hair (be it even David Mallet); you would not look your best, if your hair is not healthy. Healthy hair is the base for a gorgeous styling. That’s why your daily hair care should include gentle head skin rubbing. It intensifies oxygen provision to the hair roots. Plus, you should regularly do hair masques according to your hair type. Sometimes you may even take vitamin therapy which is good for your hair and you should regularly wash it with boiled water (adding some chamomile or calendula infusions), instead of using your main-water.

Preparing for styling
There is one common rule: your hair should be washed and you should apply a hair conditioner or balm according to your hair type. Plus, you should dry your hair up with a towel or leave it to dry for some 7-10 minutes. Then you should comb your hair with rare teeth comb (wet hair has to be combed with a special care). Using a comb, a brush or just your fingers you may create a base for your future hairstyle.

Picking the right styling products
Such products may include all sorts of mousses, sprays, varnishes, axle greases, gels, lotions, creams, etc. Each of these styling products has its ins and outs. For instance, varnish or grease is good for short hair (or long and coarse hair). Pay special attention to the product’s grip. Some of these products should be applied onto wet hair (mousses), while others are suitable for dry hair only (such as sprays, etc.).

Taming tenacious hair
If your hair is a bit messy and unwilling to get styled, you’d have to hack upon it. Sometimes all you need is a good topical (as stated above), while in other cases you may resort to electric appliances (hairdryers, curling irons, hair irons or hot rollers).  For European hair type (there are also African and Asian hair types) you may use hot rollers heating up to 200 F or diffuser hairdryer, which evenly spreads hot air throughout your hair.
If you use hairdryer styling for thin hair, you should choose warm or even cool air streams. If you plan on using hot rollers or irons, first treat your hair with protective styling cream or lotion and let it dry on (do not forget to comb your hair to spread the product evenly).
In rainy or murky weather hair styling should not be considered. You may go with braids, ponytails or other hairstyles like that.

Proper hairdryer use
Hairdryer can be good or bad for your hair. First let your hair dry a bit in a natural manner and only then use the fan. Use a diffuser hairdryer. The air stream should not be too hot; you should always end your styling with few streams of cool air. Do not use a hairdryer on a daily basis. Your hair deserves some days off.

Creating volume
There are many things you may use to create volume: gels, mousses, hot rollers, rare teeth combs and diffuser hairdryers. If you are using hot rollers or regular night rollers, you may use larger size ones on your forehead and head top and smaller size ones on the nape. Different size rollers can help you creating amazing volume and natural looking locks.

Styling fancy curls
Lacy curls have the love arrows effect on men. Mostly you may use rollers and hairdryer for styling such locks along with styling products mentioned above.  Most hairstylists recommend using rollers of different sizes. You may also pick some styling products created especially for taming curly or wavy hair. They make your curls soft and obedient, evenly spreading and falling down your shoulders.  

You can visit Sara's site here.

What's your everyday hair style?

Thanking you, Sara,



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