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Why, hello there...

It's been ages since I did a Save your Pennies post, but there wasn't many other topics I could think to cover, and then I thought of apps. I'm sure we all have some sort of device that has the app store or android app store so hopefully this post will be helpful to everyone. 

I've used quite a few apps to make a bit of money, whether selling or saving money there is an app out there for everyone.

1. Vinted/Depop. These are apps for selling all your unwanted items. Whether it's clothing, beauty, electronics or even your own handmade items, you can find just about everything on them. Vinted is more so for clothing whereas Depop has a bit of everything. You can often find famous youtubers on them as well selling their unwanted clothing or high end make up such as Becca Rose and a few others. 
I've used Vinted in the past but I currently use Depop to sell all my items as I have a mixture of everything. My username is PenniesForAPound and I currently have 3 for 2 across all my items so go take a look! Follow me on Depop and message me the code PFAP-APPS and I'll give you an extra 10% off!

2. Unidays App. Most people have used the website but the app is just as good. You can simply flash the Unidays ID in any of the stores they have on their app such as New Look and H&M and get % off in store! 

3. Zeek. This is a new app to me, but it does look pretty good! You can sell any unwanted vouchers including amazon and highstreet stores for a little bt less than their worth i.e. a £10 amazon voucher would be sold for £7. So now you can use that money to spend wherever you like! And buying the vouchers also gives you a saving as you might spot something you like that's £20 and buy a £20 voucher for only £17, saving £3. Does that make sense? I think so...

4. Quidco App. Everyone who's been on my blog for a while knows I love Quidco. They do great cashback deals for buying things online as well as some offers where you get cashback and don't have to spend a penny! On their app you can 'check in' to shops while you shop. Simply turn on your location, open the app and when you're in that shop, check in and you'll get a very small amount of cashback. But if you do this in all the shops you visit and if you're like me and find yourself in shops more times than you should can accumulate to quite a bit!

5. Advert/app trial apps. I've never properly tried these sort of apps but I know there is some out there. You can get vouchers for amazon or accumulate points which convert into money by simply watching adverts or downloading certain games or other things you can do daily. If you know of any of these kind of apps let me know in the comments!

Hopefully this will be useful to someone, don't forget to download the Depop app, follow me (Penniesforapound) and quote PFAP-APPS for an extra 10% off.

What are your favourite apps?

Thanking you,


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