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I showed this in a previous 'what I've been buying' post, which you can see here. I wanted to get another micellar solution but I found this cleansing tonic in ASDA for only £1. So, what are my thoughts on it?

First of all, you get 200ml which is the same as the L'Oreal micellar solution, but you pay a lot less. The packaging is really sleek, with the plastic being really sturdy with an almost frosted effect, which makes it look more expensive than it is. The dispenser is a very small hole so you have to squeeze the bottle to get the product out, which is great as you get hardly any over-use of the product; you can get the exact amount you want, unlike others.

The actual product is a beautiful deep orange, and product separates as it's oil-based so you need to give it a good shake before you use it. Although it is not branded as a micellar solution, it does effectively the same thing and removes your make-up really well, particularly foundation I find. Because it's an oil based product it does leave a residue on your skin but it's not necessarily a bad thing as the oil moisturises the skin, whereas most micellar solutions have dried my skin out. Leaving it on to soak in leaves your skin feeling really soft and smooth. This means you could use it just as a face oil/serum and it would do just as good a job as the more expensive serums that are on the market. Personally, smell and/or taste are big factors in most products I buy, and this doesn't have a particular smell or taste on the lips unlike some (the B micellar solution at superdrug smells and tastes awful!) which is another great plus to this product.
The only down side to this product is that it isn't the best at removing eye make-up, and I'm not massively keen on the oily feel on my eyelids. Also it doesn't take long for the product to separate again after shaking it, so you often have to shake it between using another cotton pad, but this isn't too much of a problem. 

Overall it is great as an oil/serum for your face and also great at removing foundation/base makeup, but you may need something a little stronger/something more like a micellar solution to remove eye makeup and harsh lipstick. But for only £1 it is a really good product! 
The NSPA Ultimate Cleansing Tonic is available in ASDA stores.

Have you used this before? How do you remove your makeup? 

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  1. Lovely honest review and WHAT A BLOODY BARGAIN!! Sounds like a perfect pre-cleanse, just need a spectate eye make up remover to tackle benefits they're real :)
    Love Kate xx

    1. glad you like it! I KNOW!! yeah that's the mascara I use, but I see they've bought out a remover for it so I'll have to give that a try! xx

  2. I have the pink Solution of this and i love it! So so good
    love victoriajanex

    1. ooh haven't seen that one, will have to keep a look out for it! xx